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  Product Disclosure Statement Terms and conditions

Leafscreener Installations Product Disclosure Statement

Leafscreener Installations offer Aluminium Gutter and Valley protection to all types of roofs,
including tiled, corrugated, trim deck,klip-lock and and also custom situations.
As part of the service we include gutter and valley cleaning, and also the top of the downpipes
nearest the gutters. Leafscreener Installations cannot be held responsible for blockages in the
downpipes beyond the gutters as there may be a problem in the underground stormwater
collection pipes.
At the time of quoting customers are supplied with a formal quotation showing all sections of
guttering and valleys to be protected and quoted. Leafscreener Installations supplies a satelite image
showing roof from above and also where possible an image from the street showing the premises.In
some cases imagery is not clear, and this has to be taken into consideration.
Leafscreener Installations quotations are transparent, quotations are documented and clearly show
sections being quoted. It is the responsibilty of the customer to ensure that the sections highlighted
in the images are correct. Any additional sections of guttering or valleys, or sections that require
leafguard guards that are not highlighted, and are not brought to the attention of Leafscreener
Installations will not be completed, or completed and charged at the same rate per metre on the
quotation if standard installation is required. Leafscreener installations will determine additional
cost if non-standard installation is required.
Leafscreener Installations endevour to match the colours of mesh to the roof, and the trims to the
gutters,and there can be variances. The colours supplied in the quote once accepted and fitted
cannot be altered or changed. Fixing screws are galvanised in colour to prevent corrosion and are
not painted or coloured unless requested by customer.

Maintenance may be required dependent on proximity of trees, debri falling on the roof structure, and quality of surface on tiled and corrogated roofs.

The frequency of maintenance is different to each property as each style of roof and proximity of trees greatly varies.

Although most properties wont require maintenance for several years, Leafscreener Installations cannot determine accurately the time periods without on site inpection.

‘Leafscreener Installations’ warrants that all Leafscreener components are free from defect in manufacture. All
components must be handled and installed in strict accordance with Leafscreener Installations’ written standards.
This warranty specifically covers the Leafscreener components fitted to the above property at time of installation.
‘Leafscreener Installations’ warrants that all fitting of the Leafscreener system will be covered against defective
workmanship for a period of no more than four years from the date shown above, providing that all of the fitting
of the Leafscreener system has been carried out by an authorized installer of ‘Leafscreener Installations’.
Furthermore, Leafscreener Installations warrants that the mesh used in the installation is covered for a period of
no more than 15 years against perishing as a direct result from ultraviolet ray breakdown, embrittlement, or
Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:
a) The product is installed in accordance with manufacturer's published fixing recommendations current at the
time of installation.
b) Attack from chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids other than direct rain falling onto the product under
c) Contact with soils. ashes, fertilizers or other moisture retaining substances.
d) lnstallations subject to unusually corrosive environments at anytime in the future.
e) Settlement or shifting of structural members or adjoining surfaces, or structural defects of the roof or gutters
f) Storm and tempest or other acts of God
g) A warranty form being completed. in full, reserved no later than 30 days from date of installation. ln the
instance that the warranty form is received after 30 days from installation and or incomplete warranty from
Leafscreener Installations reserves the right not to issue a warranty.
h) Weathering refers to the appearance of the color of the Leafscreener Gutter Protection system. Exposure to
elements can be expected to cause gradual and uniform color change. This can vary, dependent on geographical
location. A gradual and uniform color change is not a defect hereunder. A defect is defined as any weathering
change that occurs on specific exposed sections of mesh. A defect will be remedied by the replacement of the
material directly affected. A color variance may also occur between any new replacement mesh in comparison to
the originally installed mesh due to weathering exposure, and is not indicative of defective material.
i) lt is the buyers responsibility that within a reasonable time after discovery of a suspected manufacturing
defect, send a brief written explanation of the defect along with your dated proof of purchase to, Leafscreener
Installations PO Box 4047 Lugarno NSW 2210. Upon receipt of this correspondence, Leafscreener Installations
may request any additional information including appropriate photos and may require a field inspection by a
manufacturer's representative.
Leafscreener Installations will communicate with you regarding its determination of coverage under this
warranty, and regarding any replacement materials to be provided
The obligation of ‘Leafscreener Installations’ shall be limited to the replacement of that portion of the material
that is defective and which shall be determined at the sole discretion of ‘Leafscreener Installations’.
This warranty is given in lieu of all other considerations or warranties expressed or implied except to the extent
that any statute applicable to this contract prevents the exclusion restrictions or modifications of such conditions
or warranties.
On Acceptance of Quotation

Terms and Conditions


If payment is not made to Leafscreener Installations by the specified invoice date, Leafscreener Installations has the right to seek recovery actions at a cost to the customer in addition to the invoice price, plus interest of 10% per month.

Please be sure to check our PDS with terms and conditions at in products and services menu.

1. It shall be the clients responsibility to provide all access

2. While every care is taken when walking on a roof, it is possible that tiles will break when people have to walk on them. ‘Leafscreener Installations’ will replace any tiles broken by our installers or silicone those that cannot be replaced. However, it is the clients responsibility to provide the tiles that need to be replaced and have them available on the day of installation. ‘Leafscreener Installations’ is not a roof tile supplier and we do not carry or provide roof tiles unless by prior arrangement in writing.

3. All gutters, downpipes at the top end and valleys/ gullies are cleaned of leaf debris before installation. It is the clients responsibility to inform the installer where they would like the refuse placed- in the bin or on the garden beds. If the installer is not informed, he will place the refuse at his discretion.

4. Any leaf guards originally placed in the gutters will be removed however; it is the clients’ responsibility to dispose of any such material.

5. Leafscreener Installations cannot be held responsible for any existing problems with gutters, roof, or downpipes.

6.Leafscreener Installations have the right to determine if job safety is at risk and if so, at our discretion withdraw from completing an installation. Any work completed shall be invoiced and paid by the customer.


7. Leafscreener Installations has the right to stop or deny the installation or supply materials , if safety may be a concern, or problems with site access, difficulties with existing roof problems such as mossy roofs, or poor physical integrity.


8. Leafscreener Installations has the right to change color of materials at its discretion as listed at the quotation stage, some roof and gutter colours may be faded and we try to match the colour to benefit the customer, many colours may not be available in our range of products.


Working on roofs, and especially so close to the edge, can be extremely dangerous which is why our installers are fully trained and insured. With this in mind, we ask for your understanding and appreciation that our work is subject to weather conditions. All endeavours will be made to ensure that the installation will be done on the allocated day however, if conditions are unfavourable or dangerous for our installers, then an alternative day will be necessary.



To assist us, we would ask for you cooperation with the following-

• We use high-powered blowers and the process can be messy. Please remove all washing from the line. Make sure windows and doors are closed. Leave cars in the garage or parked well away from the house. The initial stage of the installation is to ensure your gutters and downpipes are cleared.

• Ensure that persons, especially children, are not below the installers.

• Unlock side gates for easier access.

• Secure pets that may bite or run away.

• Advise the installer on your preference of refuse disposal- in the bin or over the garden bed as mulch.

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